Any house plans or designs that we carry out must meet the requirements of Planning Permissions and Building Regulations, both administered by your council. Providing the council with the right information at the right time is essential. We are more than happy to give advice, apply and negotiate on your behalf, saving time and money.

Planning approval seeks to improve and protect the quality of our environment, though it often doesn’t feel like it! Planning isn’t simply concerned with new homes or building extensions. It can apply to simpler work such as fitting a new door to an existing building.

Building Regulations cover matters as diverse as acoustics, drainage and disabled access, as well as simple alterations, such as removing a structural wall.

Other permissions, such as Listed Building consent, required for any work that may affect the character of a building, internally and externally, or Conservation Area consent, might also be required.

"Special thanks for helping us through a difficult planning application. The council became very difficult at one point but with you fighting our corner …all was brought to a successful conclusion."
Mr and Mrs J Stone